Image of Curiosity


$400.00 — Sold out

Graphite and Charcoal on Paper
8 x 6 inches (unframed)
Has white border around edge

In Curiosity, we see a pair of feet on a field of wildflowers with a tiny sliver of sky in the distance. One foot hovers over a flower and pushes its big toe inside.

Self-curiosity allows us to question ourselves fiercely, not be afraid of admitting what we don't know, and change and be amazed at our authentic inner world. The various flowers represent opportunities to learn and experience the world outside of ourselves. Flowers are alive and organic; they open and close. How open are we as individuals? And when are we closing ourselves off to new possibilities to grow? Feet represent our primary way of supporting ourselves. As one foot surrenders to this support, it also dives into the openness of nature.


General Statement about my Self Care Project

My work focuses on images taken from my memories, dreams, and experiences of female intimacy. My images re-invent themes that have interested me all of my life: reality and illusion, voyeuristic impulses, our relationship with our environment, and existential dichotomies.

Dealing with a persistent virus has instigated a new direction in my work, with the central theme being Self Care. A single woman lives in isolation in each of my drawings and paintings. She inhabits wild environments and has developed a symbiotic relationship with the landscape. The female figures embody the wild woman archetype and reflect the landscape around them: arms open up like flowers, legs mirror the bends of the river, bodies twists like tree trunks. The repetition of natural elements, like leaves or waves, evokes a sense of abundant beauty and simultaneously remains on the verge of overflowing and consuming the figures.

When I create my images, I rely on nature's beauty, poetics, and sensuality as it allows me to counteract the uneasy feelings I experience concerning my existential questions. There is always a moment of tension in my images, which fluctuates between pleasure and pain, power and vulnerability, life and death. The woman in my drawings embraces these dichotomies, the possible danger, the fear, the futility. She is aware that she is a part of the seasons of life; birth, change, decay, regeneration. The female figures in these works inspire how I would like to live my life. Stripped off material possessions, social relationships, and facial recognition, these women show us the value of being human and remind us what we can learn from nature; its resilience, adaptability, and ultimately, its celebration of life.

Interview with the Dig Boston about my Self Care project

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$1,400.00 — Sold out
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