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Image of Book - a view of the end

Book - a view of the end


_______Book Details__________

Title: "A View of the End"
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 5.5 x 4.25 x .25 inches (14 x 11 x .8 cm)
Pages: 43 (86 sides)
First Edition: 250 copies
Cover: 120LB Mohauk Eggshell
Binding: Perfect Binding
Signed: Signed and Dated ©2015 Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda


This book was created in conjunction with the exhibition "A View of the End" which included over 40 of Viejo's celebrity butt miniature paintings. The little paintings are an average size of 2 x 2 inches.

"What I initially thought would be only a small catalog, snowballed and turned into a solid little book! This book is 5.5 x 4.25 inches (14 x 11 cm) with 43 pages and it includes 35 reproductions of my miniature paintings, all printed to scale in the book. The book includes an introduction of a transcribed conversation with art historian Joachim Pissarro on the subject of butts in art history. The book also includes 14 responses to the question "What is your favorite 'art history butt' and why?" from other art historians, writers and curators (printed at the back)."

All books are hand signed and dated.
Only 250 books were printed

_______World Wide Press______

Check out the following articles written by various media around the world covering Viejo's miniature celebrity butt paintings.

*The Brooklyn Paper, USA*

*Vanity Fair, Italy*

*El Universal, Mejico*

_________The Book includes_________

- Title Page with artist hand signature and date

- Transcribed Conversation with art historian Joachim Pissarro discussing: The ideal butt in art history, his favorite butt in art, the most repulsive butt in art, the butt and humor, artists obsessed with butts, voyeurism and the butt and celebrity butts.

-35 reproductions of my miniature celebrity butt paintings, printed to scale (one of them printed on the back cover). Some titles of the paintings include: Britney, Jessica, Kim, Miley, Lily, Matthew, Amber, Katie, Shakira, Angelina, Kate, Reese, Scarlett, Nicole, Nicki, Jennifer and David.

-14 responses from various art historians, curators and writers to the question "What is your favorite 'art history butt' and why?"

- Artist Acknowledgments

Image of Book - a view of the end
Image of Miley Image of Miley
Image of Chloe Image of Chloe
Image of Penelope Image of Penelope
Image of Bey Image of Bey
Image of Scarlett Image of Scarlett
Image of Jennifer (Pink) Image of Jennifer (Pink)
Jennifer (Pink)
$125.00 — Sold out
Image of Matthew Image of Matthew
Image of Kim Image of Kim
Image of Jessica Image of Jessica
Image of Jessica (Red) Image of Jessica (Red)
Jessica (Red)
Image of Halle Image of Halle
Image of Gwyneth Image of Gwyneth
Image of Jennifer Image of Jennifer
Image of Nicole Image of Nicole
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